the Browsable Catalogue of your Woocommerce Ecommerce


WordPress is the undisputed master of the CMS world, its woocommerce extension follows in its footsteps. After Magento was our second integration.

magento flipping module
e-commerce experience

Why a flipcatalog?

We’ve been used to leafing through magazines, newspaper books since we were young. A pleasant experience favours the exploration of the entire catalogue of an ecommerce and increases its sales.

Implementation time

We can be live in a week. A fast and concrete increase in your sales.

e-commerce brows-able how

Speed up your e-commerce

An accelerator for your business

"Before, users used to visit an average of 10 pages of our e-commerce, now they see hundreds of products every time they visit and never get tired. "

Ecommerce Founder

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