the Flipping Catalog of your Magento Ecommerce


Magento is the king of e-commerce platforms he is stable and able to serve relevant users with product references of the order of tens, hundreds of thousands of products.

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Why a flipcatalog?

Having the top technology (magento) is the first step, but it is difficult to update the user experience on such complex systems. We are the fast solution that requires no intervention on your platform in the majority of cases. Supporting the user in the use is the quickest way to bring it to the purchase.

Specific Expertise

We have been working with Magento for years, this new expansion was first tested with Magento. We are the solution to the problems of performance and short users visits.

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Speed up your e-commerce

An accelerator for your business

"Before, users used to visit an average of 10 pages of our e-commerce, now they see hundreds of products every time they visit and never get tired. "

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